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Short Duration

Ecodriving Training

What are the main benefits for fleets?


Reduced fuel costs is the big driver for most fleets. We’ve seen just over a 14% average saving on the day from nearly 40,000 drivers. The long-term savings will depend on how the fleet is managed as well as on the training itself, but studies of the short-duration training format show 3.7–6.2% reduction in fuel consumption in the 12 months post-training. Lower fuel consumption also means reduced CO2 emissions. And as anyone in the driver training industry will tell you, efficient driving is also safer driving, as the key to both efficiency and safety is improved anticipation.

This scheme is subsidised by the EST for all UK businesses and private individuals. All types of vehicles.

New funding has been confirmed for 2016/17. Now available for Scotland.

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Low cost effective training 

Takes only up to 1 hour

Have your drivers back to work with their skill, knowledge and safety dramatically improved

All businesses with a fleet of drivers should sign up to this scheme.

Ecodriving training is a time and cost-effective means of reducing fuel costs, CO2 emissions and accident rates. With our new scheme there’s a choice of suppliers and choice of training formats, so whatever a fleet is looking for should be available under our scheme.

EST Ecodriving training is designed to dramatically reduce:

  • Fuel costs (At least 10%-15% savings for each driver, in most cases even higher)

  • Insurance premiums (From reduced road traffic incident claims)

  • Emissions (From smarter driving)

  • Damage  (By reducing the number of bumps and scrapes)

  • Wear & tear to vehicles (Raising awareness of different driving techiques that are kinder to vehicles)

After seeing the savings from each of the following, your drivers health & safety will be improved significantly.



Driving courses are subsidised through the Energy Saving Trust so we are able to provide training at a lower cost for UK businesses.

All drivers are provided with certificates and feedback forms after training.

You can arrange training with us so that it easily works along side your business. 

The training we deliver can be arranged so that it only take up one hour of your employees time and then they can get back to their job as soon as possible.

Training times and dates can be flexible to fit in with your schedual. 


Arrange a free demonstration drive with us so you can properly understand what we do. 

We guarantee you will want us to provide training to your drivers when you see how this will signifficantly reduce your outgoings and create safer drivers.

EST Eco-Safe Driving Tips


By learning to drive smarter the average car driver in the UK can save £250-£300 a year. Try our tips below to drive smarter and reduce your motoring costs.


Switch off your engine

Many newer cars automatically turn off when stationary in neutral. If yours doesn’t, turn off your engine when you’ve stopped for a minute or so to save fuel.


Higher gear

Driving at lower revs reduces fuel consumption so change up a gear at around 2,000 RPM.


Drive smoothly

Assess the road ahead as much as possible to avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration, which increases the amount of fuel you use.


Slow down

Your fuel costs will increase the faster you drive so keep speeds reasonable.


Windows vs air conditioning

If you are travelling at low speed opening the windows is more efficient. If travelling at 60 miles per hour or above, closing the windows and using the air con will save you more.


Tyre pressures

Under-inflated tyres increase your fuel consumption and can be dangerous on the road so check them once a month and before long journeys.


Roof racks/boxes

Having these attached to your car when they’re not being used will increase drag and increase your fuel costs.


Lighten your load

Remove excess items from your car before travelling to reduce weight.

Fuel & CO2 Savings

•14.4% av. improvement on the day (EST)

•3.7% to 6.2% long term (DVR, Germany)

•Also savings on tyres, clutches, brakes

A 10% saving is the equivalent of buying diesel at £1.26 per litre instead of £1.40 per litre!


EST Eco-Safe Driving



per client 


Enviromentally friendly


To organise training or a free demonstration drive, please contact us.


More information can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website.