We are proud to offer the Energy Saving Trust Ecodriving training course.

This training is designed to dramatically reduce your fuel, emissions, insurance premiums, damage and wear/tear costs of your vehicles. We can reduce a drivers fuel costs by at least 15%.

This training will improve your drivers attitude, knowledge and skill which will help keep them safer on our roads.

This scheme is subsidised by the EST which allows us to give you the course at very affordable price.

Traynor Driver Development (TDD)

Brief description - Most importantly, we improve road safety for your drivers. We are passionate about driver training and reducing the chances of drivers being involved in an accident and collision. 

Secondly, we save businesses money by reducing fuel, emissions, insurance premiums, damage and wear/tear costs to you vans and cars. 


We specialise in company driver risk assessments and fleet driver training. Trailer training B+E is also available.

We can provide cost effective advanced driver training and assessments across the UK.

Our training is designed to save you lots of money on repair bills, fuel, damage and wear and tear of you vehicles.


Our training will not only reduce risk of collisions involving your drivers, but dramatically reduce costs for: 

  • Insurance​ premiums and claims

  • Fuel consumption

  • Wear and tear of vehicles 

  • Damage & Repair bills


​Using our services will also dramatically improve your corporate image and create a more effective workforce whilst on the road. 

If your company has a fleet of drivers, you could organise fleet driving training courses with us for half or a full day.



Why us?

Our Fleet Driver Trainers are highly qualified and experienced. We only use Grade 5 and 6 Fleet registered driving Instructors and also Instructors that hold advanced qualifications and experience such as:

  • Rospa Advanced Driver Gold award & IAM Advanced Driving award

  • Speed awareness course certified (Lancashire county council and LCC Police)

  • Driver Alertness Courses certified (Lanashire county council and Lancashire Police)

  • Fleet training with all types of vehicles from cars, vans and HGV

  • Experience with a wide range of companies. We have many driving techiques to share for a varity of driving situations. 

  • Track day instructors 

  • Energy Saving Trust Certified Instructors

  • 4x4 experience

  • Trailor towing



Health & Safety at Work Act

The cost to industry of work-related collisions is estimated to be £2.6 – £2.9billion per year. Industry estimates vary for the number of companies doing enough work on road risk management but it is pretty safe to say that less than 33% of companies have such a policy which puts the remaining 67% seriously at odds with the legislation.


Do you own a company? Read about your responsibilities www.hse.gov.uk/roadsafety/employers.htm


The training we provide will ensure that your company will comply health & safety regulations to reduce work related road risk.

Corporate Manslaughter legislation and case law all mean that employers must consider what risks their employees are involved with – even when they are driving

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a landmark in law. For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care. 


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Qualifications & Experience 


 Jamie Traynor - Business owner - Profile

  • Qualified - Jan 2012. 

  • DVSA Adi car- Grade A.

  • DVSA Fleet Driver Trainer.

  • RoSPA Advanced Driver - GOLD. www.roadar.org

  • Catagory C+E (Class 1 HGV/LGV) Qualified. 


  • Level 4 PTTLS qualification gained (Teaching Qualification).

  • DIA Member.

  • IOSH Member.

  • Member of Drive Doctors team (Delivering driver training couses accross the UK with NFU Mutual)

  • Energy Saving Trust Certified.

  • Driver Alertness Course certified trainer at Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Police.

  • Skid pan experience.

  • 4x4 off road experience. 


You can find my work experience on my Linkedin account. https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jamie-traynor-2207716a


I have also gained a lot of experience from working with other driver training compainies all accross the UK.

The trainers that work with us delivering driver training also have very similar qualifications and experience. We only use DVSA Fleet trainers that are qualified to a very high standard.


When I can and depending on how many drivers need training and location, I will always try to carry out the training myself. This will guarantee the training is being delivered to a high standard for your drivers.


If you would like to know more information, please contact us. 07783 451917 or DriverTraining@FleetTraynor.com